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Fungraphs Funcast, Episode 3 (8/25/17)

Third episode of the Fungraphs Funcast. Enjoy yourselves! Topics include: i.) Working the corner ii.) Fitbit Alta Software Update iii.) Fight Night (by Migos) iv.) Fenway security guards v.) Adonis Chapman vi.) Rich Hill vii.) Much more! Fight Night: 01:50 AL EAST RUNDOWN (& Wild Card Discussion): 19:40 HOT DISH: 30:07 -Dave, Gary, & Nick

FunCast, Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo

Happy Monday, everyone. Some of the FunGraphs crew was together in Brooklyn this past weekend, so we did what any sane group of people would do when visiting: Record a new FunCast! Vol. 2 is jam-packed with up-to-the-minute* analysis of the heated AL East, as well as in-depth discussion of MLB trade/side piece du jour […]