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Fungraphs Funcast, Episode 3 (8/25/17)

Third episode of the Fungraphs Funcast. Enjoy yourselves! Topics include: i.) Working the corner ii.) Fitbit Alta Software Update iii.) Fight Night (by Migos) iv.) Fenway security guards v.) Adonis Chapman vi.) Rich Hill vii.) Much more! Fight Night: 01:50 AL EAST RUNDOWN (& Wild Card Discussion): 19:40 HOT DISH: 30:07 -Dave, Gary, & Nick

Who are baseball’s most majestic home run hitters?

There are few visceral thrills quite like watching a man crush a nine-inch circumference baseball with a 2.5-inch diameter baseball bat out of the ballpark. The crack off the bat, the trajectory of the ball and its final landing spot, more than a football field away from home plate, are one of the most satisfying […]

Is Giancarlo Stanton worth his contract?

Giancarlo Stanton is baseball’s best power hitter. That statement doesn’t ring as particularly bold right now, however many questioned if peak Stanton had come and gone after an injury-riddled 2016 season where he posted a career low OPS of .815 and wRC+ of 114. But Giancarlo, now healthy and in peak prime at 27 years […]

Evaluating the American League playoff race

Where did the baseball season go? Here we are, firmly entrenched in the sticky dog days of August, with only about one quarter of the schedule left to play and opening day still seems like yesterday. I find myself saying that every season at this juncture, yet my perception of the passage of time gets […]

A Calm, Rational Discussion About Aroldis Chapman

The Yankees face a steeper uphill battle in their quest for the American League East crown, as they lost two out of three to their division rival Red Sox at home over the weekend, to fall a whopping 5.5 games back. The rivalry appears to be gaining steam and relevance once again with the emergence […]

Ketel Marte is on the rise

You could be forgiven for thinking that Ketel “One” Marte is older than 23. After all, he’s been around for a while. Marte, hailing from the Dominican Republic, signed with the Seattle Mariners as an international free agent at the age of 16 and made his professional debut in 2012 as an 18-year old. He […]

Tim Tebow might actually be good at baseball

When Tim Tebow announced that he was pursuing a baseball career roughly one year ago most of the sports world, including myself, snickered or sneered. What did a 28-year old who hadn’t played competitive baseball in over a decade think he can accomplish, outside of boosting his brand and endorsement dollars? Tebow held an open […]