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Yankees Rightfully Solidify Rotation with Gray, Garcia

The highly anticipated Trade Deadline has officially passed, as several teams with playoff aspirations shored up their few weaknesses, while others stockpiled prospects as they set their sights for the future. All throughout the 2016-17 offseason, the buzzword to describe the Yankees’ upcoming season was a team “in transition”. The squad was expecting to at […]

BACKBACKBACK: A Breakdown of Chris Berman’s Favorite Day of the Year

Baseball fans and players will collectively catch their breath in the upcoming days, as the All-Star Break and unofficial halfway point of the baseball season is already upon us. Before the ceremonial, historic, This Time It Doesn’t Matter All-Star Game on Tuesday, eight of the leagues premiere sluggers will face each other in a battle […]

Prospect Hot Stove Pt. 2

Yesterday we explored some of the top prospects who are knocking on the door of an MLB call-up. Names like Moncada, Torres and Devers are well known, even in non prospect nerd circles, so today we will explore five lesser known prospects who making waves in the minors. But first, a summary from yesterday’s post: […]

How Mike Trout Can Still Win the AL MVP

Mike Trout is a baseball god among mere mortals. No matter how one slices it, he has had a historic start to his career, cementing himself as the undisputed best player in baseball essentially since he began playing full time. Since 2012, his first full season in the Majors, he laps the league in fWAR (50.4); […]

Prospect Hot Stove: Who are the next big things to earn an MLB call-up?

While baseball nerds have always geeked out over prospect lists, rankings and debuts, prospect mania really hit the baseball mainstream during the 2015 season. In that year, once prospects, now MLB studs like Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor and Kris Bryant made huge impacts as rookie call-ups. Six rookies that season totaled extrapolated wins above replacement (based on […]

A Frame by Frame Account of the Harper / Strickland Fight

Baseball can be a pretty boring game sometimes. A lot of standing around. Announcers filling air time with inane stories that have no relevance to the game. Some nose picking. But once in a blue moon the baseball gods grace us with a situation that allows testosterone-fueled, alpha-men to get their rocks off in physical confrontations. More […]

Monday Fantasy Notes: 5/29 Edition

I once again apologize to the two, maybe three people that read the recurring fantasy notes segment here at FunGraphs. I had a busy weekend at Boston Calling and wasn’t able to produce on Saturday, so for back-to-back weeks the fantasy notes were moved to Monday. Time to buy!!! Cameron Maybin / CF /  Los […]