When Tim Tebow announced that he was pursuing a baseball career roughly one year ago most of the sports world, including myself, snickered or sneered. What did a 28-year old who hadn’t played competitive baseball in over a decade think he can accomplish, outside of boosting his brand and endorsement dollars? Tebow held an open […]

MLB scouts decided a long time ago to rate prospect attributes like speed, hitting ability, power and arm strength on a scale of 20 to 80, with the latter being the best score someone can achieve. A player’s power is actually broken into two sub-categories, dubbed “raw power” and “game power”. Raw power correlates highly […]

One of the few surprise moves of the 2017 trade deadline was the Los Angeles Dodgers’ acquisition of Rangers’ ace pitcher Yu Darvish. Los Angeles, a team with a projected playoff rotation that includes two of the top four ERAs in baseball in Kershaw and Wood, as well tremendous depth with names like Maeda, McCarthy […]

The highly anticipated Trade Deadline has officially passed, as several teams with playoff aspirations shored up their few weaknesses, while others stockpiled prospects as they set their sights for the future. All throughout the 2016-17 offseason, the buzzword to describe the Yankees’ upcoming season was a team “in transition”. The squad was expecting to at […]

Happy Monday, everyone. Some of the FunGraphs crew was together in Brooklyn this past weekend, so we did what any sane group of people would do when visiting: Record a new FunCast! Vol. 2 is jam-packed with up-to-the-minute* analysis of the heated AL East, as well as in-depth discussion of MLB trade/side piece du jour […]

The term ‘sophomore slump’ originated in educational circles to highlight the tendency for second-year college students to regress academically from their freshman year. The standard explanation argues that the unfettered excitement and adrenaline brought about by the new experiences of freshman year motivates pupils to feel more engaged in class and study harder. Unfortunately, this […]

Only four years go the Houston Astros were the laughing stock of the league, coming off a shameful 55-111 finish in 2013. 2011 and 2012 weren’t much better either, as they failed to crack the 60-win plateau in both those years as well. Fortunately, all the losing meant that Houston was in line for some […]